Perpetuum roller skate

Dear Mr. Ridder!

You can not imagine how surprized and happy we are that you replied to our mail!  What happened? Did you finally empty your mental inbox and throw away these unfinished thoughts on your job? Or has your daughter simply pressed the “delete all frust” button before you could stop her?

Anyway, we are glad that you seem to be receptive for our messages, and – even more – that you asked us what happened after we escaped your thoughts.

Well, we found out very soon, that one the biggest disadvantages of not being carried around in your brain anymore, was that we had to move ourselves. Krullestaart found a roller skate that was as neglected as we were. She felt very comfortable being pulled around by Snorrebaard, but Snorrebaard had to give up soon (I)

We started experimenting by alternative ways of locomotion. The gravity-driven roller skate was our first success, however, only suitable  for very short distances, limited by the length of the shoelaces (II)

Krullestaart had the ingenious idea to push the weight forward as we drove, theoretically increasing our range to unlimited distances.  After the first attempts (III) we optimized the design and drove our way into the world wide wilderness (IV) .

Perpetuum Rollerskate

Yes, yes… we know you are an engineer, and that you probably shake your head in disbelieve. The secret behind this invention is, that we used a  pole of force-absorbing material to keep the distance between the weight and the shoe, avoiding the transmission of backwards directed forces.

Any questions left?

The Quatschtronauts