Mail in my mental inbox

Dear Mr. Ridder,

Do you remember us? We are Kruellestaart and Snorrebaard, the two mice that used to be your virtual friends. In you childhood, we were part of your fantasy, your dreams and your adventures.

But as you finished school and went to university, your brain became so full with facts and formulas, that there was no place left for us.
You thought we just vanished? No… we escaped!

We managed to leave your brain through a seldom physical phenomenon called “reversed perception”.  As it might take too many words to explain, we rather show you a simple sketch:
(We are proud to tell that nobody discovered the eyeball controller before!)

Reverse Perception

During the last 20 years,  we continued our quest for quatsch (quatsch is german for humbug or silly ideas) without you. Every now and then we sent a message to your mental inbox, but all we received in return were “delivery failure notifications”.

Nevertheless, we keep on trying… Did you get this message?

The Quatschtronauts